Clean, Efficient, Reliable & Environmental

Southview Hydrovac Inc. is a full service safety-oriented hydrovac excavation company. Our team is comprised of eager, hard working individuals with over 15 years of experience in the construction and excavation industries. Southview Hydrovac employees are  trained  and certified in WHMIS, TDG and HWIN. Our company has also completed the CN safety training course and complies with Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment regulations. Southview Hyrdrovac Inc. specializes in clean, efficient, reliable and environmental excavation services including; daylighting, slot trenching, utility locating and catch basin cleanout to the GTA and surrounding areas.  Our experienced employees are committed to 100% chemical-free operations and  adhere to all company safety policies. Southview Hydrovac Inc. has a clean record for providing safe and regulatory excavation services with with fully maintained and up-to-date equipment.

Southview Hydrovac Inc. offers clean, efficient, reliable and environmental hydrovac excavation serves with 24 hour emergency response to the GTA surrounding areas. Our company is focused on expanding by upholding professionalism, building client relationships and remaining highly accessible. We are confident our competitive prices and excellent services will not disappoint.

Travis Marren, Operating Manager

“Southview Hydrovac believes in building strong client relationships by providing reliable excavation services and upholding a commitment to customer satisfaction. Safety is key in the hydrovac excavation industry. Customers need to be able to trust that jobs are being completed properly and in compliance with all safety regulations. During my time in the industry I have made it a personal goal to build positive rapport with clients. I thoroughly assess the risk levels and always proceeding with caution and accuracy. The Southview Hydrovac team provides exceptional excavation services. I pride myself in being first to the job site and have confidence in my work ethic. I love what I do, am good at what I do and am proud to offer 24 hour emergency response services. Southview Hydrovac trucks are properly maintained and our high dump capacity equipment is designed to safely handle wet and dry wastes while transporting debris, liquids, solids, sludges, and dusts without spills. We ensuring proper disposal and cleanup and are up for any challenge. I believe in saving lives and saving money.” 
- Travis Marren, Operating Manager