Clean, Efficient, Reliable & Environmental


Hydrovac excavation is a remarkably clean and non-intrusive method of digging. Southview Hydrovac uses up to 2500 (psi) of pure pressurized water to quickly blast through any type of soil. As the ground is liquified our high power vacuum system quickly extracts the waste and pumps it into a 12 yarddebris holding tank. We ensures proper disposal of liquids, high solids and sludges from pits, trenches and underground waste tanks. Hydrovac excavation is the cleanest way complete a job with no spills, no waste and no debris left behind.


Hydrovac excavation is fast, accurate and effective. Southview Hydrovac trucks are fully equipped and highly capable of penetrating any ground type during all seasons. The most efficient way to expose underground infrastructures such as telecommunication, fiber optic, gas and water lines is through hydrovac excavation. To ensure precision and accuracy we blast 2600 psi of  water through a maneuverable handheld wand while simultaneously extracting the waste via industrial strength vacuum hose.   Southview Hydrovac trucks are equipped with onboard heaters which means blasting through frozen ground is no problem. Our powerful hydrovac systems can excavate up to 30 feet deep and at a distances of 600 feet away from the truck, thus making tight spaces more accessible for digging. Whether you need to excavate on a busy city street or in a small residential area Southview Hydrovac provides quick, non-intrusive hydrovac excavating services.


Southview Hydrovac is a fully insured with WSIB of Ontario. We offer 24 hour emergency response dispatch. All operators arrive on site ready to work with safety gear and well-maintained hydrovac excavation equipment. Our employees are highly experienced in the hydrovac excavation field and have proper WHMIS, TDG and HWIN training. We take health and safety seriously and have policies in place to keep the job running smoothly every step of the way. When you need reliable  and professional hydrovac services Southview Hydrovac delivers.


Southview Hyrdrovac complies with the Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment regulations for waste reduction. We respect the environment and follow dumping laws and regulations. Proper disposal of waste is an important aspect of our company. Southview Hydrovac is committed to 100% chemical-free operations which never leave waste behind on a jobsite. Our team complies with various environmental cleaning requirements and our excavation process eliminates the risk of damaging sensitive underground infrastructures which ultimately has less of an impact on our environment. Southview Hydrovac excavation services allow for quick, clean and precise digging which requires less backfill, less labor, less restoration and less environmental impact than backhoe digging methods.

Southview Hydrovac is committed to providing professional hydrovac excavation services at competitive rates to the GTA and surrounding areas. We recognize the importance of customer satisfaction and are focused on successfully completing all projects--no matter the size--to meet the highest of industry standards. Our experienced team is dedicated to building strong client relationships and is fully equipped to handle the toughest jobs. It is our commitment to quality and our attention to detail that allows us to continue growing in the hydrovac excavation industry.

We treat each and every job as an opportunity to form long-term business partnerships. Our team is focused and working hard to expand in this growing industry. Southview Hydrovac is enthusiastic about offering top notch hydrovac excavation services and forming mutually prospering business relationships.” -- Karen Marren, President and CEO